Marcello Armand-Pilon, lute-maker
Maker of lutes, archlutes, theorboes and baroque guitars.

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General information

All the listed instruments are built upon original historical models surviving in Museums and collections. The description of the models is just informative and not a bond; the construction will follow any wish and need of the customer.

I've been making lutes since 1988, and have built instruments for players from Europe, United States and Japan. Thanks to the help and suggestions of many distinguished players, I've been able to fine tune my workmanship and to develop the sound quality and a more personal style.

The waiting list is currently of 12-15 months. An order is accepted after I have received a 10% deposit. A further deposit of 30% will be due when the construction begins and the rest of the amount upon delivery. The agreed to price of the instrument, upon which the deposit is calculated, does not include local taxes, case, and shipping charges, if any. The case, unless otherwise specified, will be provided by Kingham MTM Case C°, leading company in case making.

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