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About me

I began making musical instruments at the Cremona Classical Guitar Making School, and became more and more interested in the field of early music and its instruments. After completing of the training course in guitar making, I began making lutes, baroque guitars, and more instruments for early music. From the end of the 80's I decided to specialize in only making early plucked instrument.
Thanks to the help and suggestions of many distinguished players, I've been able to fine tune my workmanship and to develop the sound quality and a more personal style. Today my instruments are played all over Europe, North and Central America, and Japan. I also attend the world's most reknown early music festivals in Boston, Utrecht, Paris, Bruges and other cities. This gives me an opportunity to show my most recent work, meet players, and keep in touch with previous customers.

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Woods, decorations, specifications

Every instrument comes with the same type and quality of woods and decorations used for the original models. Or, you can order a custom-made one, built to your specifications.

The bowl can be made of maple, yew, palisander, snakewood, ebony or cypress.

A wide variety of rosettes may be choosen. I will supply a specification sheet with some suggested models.

The fingerboard consists of a single piece of ebony, or it can be made using different woods, i.e. a central panel of ebony surrounded by bone, as you can see in the renaissance lute based on Vendelio Venere's model.

Other decorations are triple filets on the edge of the belly, or on the edge of the upper neck of continuo instruments. The back of the necks can be veneered with ebony, or with stripes of different woods, up to the complex inlays of ebony, snakewoood and ivory.

I will need other information about the stringing -- material of the strings, length, spacing at the bridge and at the nut, pitch and tension -- . The more detailed the information I have, the better the final result.

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The case, unless otherwise specified, will be provided by Kingham MTM Case C?, leading company in case making. Each case is custom made to exactly fit the instrument it's been built for.

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Of course the best and safest way to deliver an instrument is to come directly to my workshop to get it. In case of shipping, I usually recommend Federal Express International company . The cost of the shipping with FedEx will be communicated at the moment of the confirmation of the order. In addition, for a really reasonable price, an insurance company in Cremona offers a great product: the full refund of the all restoration expenses in case of an accident during transportation. This also includes the cost of the shipping back to my workshop, and delivery back to your house after restoration.

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Terms and Conditions

An order is accepted after I have received a 10% deposit. You will then receive an invoice, the description of the instrument ordered, the amount of the balance due, and the approximate delivery date -- currently from 15 to 18 months --.
A further deposit of 30% will be due when the construction begins and the rest of the amount upon delivery. The agreed to price of the instrument, upon which the deposit is calculated, does not include local taxes, case, and shipping charges, if any. In case of shipping, the remaining balance must be paid in advance. In any case, the instrument will belong to me until full payment is received.

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