Marcello Armand-Pilon, lute-maker
Maker of lutes, archlutes, theorboes and baroque guitars.

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Theorbo image

Theorbo model: Tieffebrucker 1624



Thank you for visiting Marcello Armand-Pilon is pleased to announce the launch of it's new website to the public.

Lutes pictures

Single pictures and slide shows.

There are two ways to reach the pictures of the instruments; if you follow the "Lutes" link you can read a short description of each instrument and see the corresponding picture. If you follow the "Galleries" link you will see just the pictures organized as slide shows.

Galleries update

Six courses lute picture Theorbo picture

Here are the latest pictures added. The galleries will be updated on a regular basis as new photos will become available; to know if a gallery has been updated, go to the Gallery page and check from the menu on the right side the day of the latest upload.

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